Come Hell Or High Water


come hell or high water

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Customer Reviews For Come Hell Or High Water

It’s not even May 15th yet where I am, BUT…
   by Lindsey™ – 5 STAR rating

IT’S AWESOME. I love it! I just discovered them tonight, but I’m going to do a track by track!

The perfect indie rock band

Come Hell or High Water – 10/10 I love this slow accoustic track. It’s calming & beautiful
Gaining Speed – 9/10 Perfect intro to the album, it “gains speed” ahahahaha.
I Dare You – 10/10 Lovely piano & vocals & lyrics
Running With Nothing – 9/10 The guitar is flawless.
These Shoes (Even though it’s technically a bonus track not on this EP) – 10/10 First song I heard by them!  I LOVE IT. MY FAVE.

I’d compare them to awesome bands like Lifehouse or Guster, but they have their own incredible & unique sound…sooo.

I’m glad that I decided to look you guys up when I saw you perform in Nashville in November.
     by Elsa Blanco – 5 STAR rating

The music is amazing and I will continue to listen until the end of time. I LOVE the album.

Awesome CD!
     by E Flaherty –  5 STAR rating

This band has an amazing sound. Def worth the purchase.

MUST own CD!

by L Smith, who works at a Nyack chiropractor office.–  5 STAR rating

This band is awesome. I listen to this album on the way hpome from the office.

FEEL like a kid again!
by B Jones, of Middletown NY, 5 STAR rating

I feel like a kid again when I listen to this album.

Enjoy the videos.